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A Fun Way to Teach Grammar

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Do you like Mad Libs? We love that fun and crazy game where the reader supplies the words for the blanks, and the book supplies the story base.

When we first discovered the game, my older daughter was probably in her tweens. It was great fun, and to this day, we both still enjoy it. There are some things even a rising college sophomore still find entertaining! 😉

Lately, we’ve introduced my younger daughter to the books, and even though she is not fully reading, and is just (informally) learning grammar – it is summer, after all! – it’s helping her learn what the different parts of speech are in a fun way.

If you’ve never heard of Mad Libs before, don’t feel weird; I hadn’t either until I moved to the States. The book gives you a story with blanks that you are asked to fill in with nouns, adjectives, verbs, numbers, colors, parts of the body, and foods. You can play the game by yourself by filling in the page that has only the blanks, and then read them into the story. If you have someone else to play with, or a group of people, it is even more fun, because of the extra input from others. You ask the other person(s) for the particular part of speech or type of word, without reading the base of the story to them. Because they are being asked to supply words only, the resulting story can get hilarious when read in its entirety.

If you’re struggling with teaching grammar, or if you just need another way to help cement the principles, be sure to look into Mad Libs. I'm a firm believer that the more fun we can make learning, the easier it is to help our children learn, and the more the lessons will be remembered.

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