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Pictures Tell The Story…Or Do They?



For the past few days, I’ve been sorting out photos on my computer and my backup drive for printing for my daughter’s senior board. It’s something I planned to do earlier on in the year, but being sick for five weeks means I am still playing catch up, even after many nights of going to bed way too late.

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Super Tuesday

17796-american-flag-close-up-pvIt’s my first Super Tuesday.

A homeschool mom friend of mine today told me that I made her teary-eyed because unlike her, I had chosen to be an American citizen. I wasn’t born into it; I am one by choice. It made me think of the path I took to get to this point.

Way back in 1999 I met my husband online. He was in the U.S. and I was in Jamaica with a young child and going through a divorce. When the divorce was completed, my daughter and I came up, and my honey and I got married.

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Water on the Rocks



It’s seldom that I get a good belly laugh from my husband. It takes a lot to get more than a chuckle out of him. This evening, I got not only a belly laugh, but a throw-your-head-back belly laugh from him.

My five year old daughter came to me as I was sending out some documentation by email. She was in the middle of dinner while I worked in the living room. “May I have some water on the rocks, please?” she asked.

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October 27

Fourteen years ago, in a short ceremony on a cold and dreary Saturday afternoon, a 6’4″ Southern gentleman and I read vows that we had written to each other. Those vows bound him, his son, my daughter and me together. The witnesses were my second eldest sister, who was heavily pregnant, and my then 3½ year old daughter.

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Lately I’ve been witness to some very different outlooks on life and things. On one side of the continuum there are those who are thankful and grateful for what they have, and who take pleasure in the “simple things” – family, love, laughter, card games, nature and so on.

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Talking With The Teens

When I was a member of my high school student council body, one of the things I participated in was Teacher’s Day. This was a day where the teachers got a day off from teaching and the student council members taught the lower school. I chose to teach Food and Nutrition to a group of 9th grade girls. I chose that group because they were at a fun age – most would have been between 13 and 14 and they were old and mature enough to respond to me but not yet too old to give me much “lip”, which I may not have handled that well, being only a few years their senior. We cooked, we laughed and the day was a fun one.

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Getting Back to Writing

I’ve been away from writing for too long now. My husband and eldest sister have been working on me for months, if not a year, to start writing a book. I don’t feel like I have a book within me right now, but it is perhaps to come later, after I get back into writing.

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