It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…Yes, I can now happily sing Christmas songs and carols, now that Thanksgiving and my birthday are over. πŸ˜‰


All Tied Up


So this is total, shameless self-promoting post, because I KNOW there are many people out there who want to send Christmas cards, but do not have the time to address envelopes and attach stamps, and then get them to the post office. In addition, I heard a couple weeks ago that the US Postal Service expects a 10% increase in packages and other mail over the holiday season. That sounds like longer lines at the post offices. I don’t know about you, but I REALLLLLLLY don’t like waiting in long lines. I do, however, love sending out cards and gifts. Lucky for me I can do the latter, without contending with the former.


I also know that there are a LOT of people who send out those one or two photo prints, who would really like to send out a letter to family and friends but can’t do so with the photo prints. Why settle? I can help you to send out beautiful photo greeting cards that will be kept for years to come, and that are exactly what you want (or a lot closer than those photo prints you’ve been sending out). And guess what? Not only are they more beautiful, more customized, but they are more cost-effective as well!


Comparison chart 2015_suz_final_png


Anyway, if any of this sounds like you, please comment below, or fill in my contact form below. I promise I can make your life easier, and help you get what you’ve been wanting. And as always, be sure to be social and share!
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